Frägsta Hälsingegård
A classic "Hälsingegård" decorated farmhouse located on hill overlooking the river Rolfsta
Visit us during winter
Dinner packages overnight :::: Sauna :::: Julbord dinners :::: Relaxing!
Stay at a "Hälsingegård"
Experience a typical Hälsingland farmhouse stay
Visit us in summer
Dinner package overnight :::: Sauna :::: Kayak&Bike rental :::: Enjoying the beach
Paddle kayak from Frägsta!
The water flowing from the nearby Dellen lakes that is in background brings all the way to the sea passing by Frägsta. Experience nice kayak tours at sea or at the lakes
Book your course in spring or autumn
Enjoy the heat from the antique wood stoves, open fires and candles. At the table we serve Italian food.
Dinners with Christmas inspired dishes
The Rugolos family Italian Christmas dinner! Book it with an overnight for an unforgettable experience
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The Rugolo family at Frägsta Hälsingegård!

The Rugolo family moved from Italy in 2011, we have always liked giving friends and visitors an experience to remember. Now that we are in Hälsingland in a fantastic “Hälsingegård” Decorated farm house of Sweden, it becomes natural for us to continue giving lovely experiences to the persons that come to visit us at the historical farm. Hopefully the memory you carry with you will inspire you to come back with friends and family.
Here in Frägsta you can experience an historical environment in a “Hälsingegård” in an exiting way, upon arriving to the farm you are caught by the astonishing view over the river passing by below the houses, at the door you are meat by a mix of cultures the typical Swedish farm house combines with our Italian / Filipino hosting experience.
Discover what can give you a personal experience! Benvenuti! Mabuhay! Välkomna!

rooms at Frägsta

Stay at Hälsingegård

To overnight at an Hälsingegård "Decorated farmhouse in Hälsingland" is like going back in history enjoying the cultural environment with cozy rooms.

sauna in sweden

Book a sauna experience

Come to try our wooden beam sauna with fire woods stove heating the rustic environment. Refresh yourself in the river after heating up in the sauna. In the winter you dip in the ice bath.

Italian dining

We take bookings for Italian dinners, see our offer at this page. Come to enjoy a meal served in a very fascinating environment.


Frägsta Hälsingegård has become very popular to celebrate weddings. You have a rustic farm atmosphere in the hay barn that has space for up to 90 guests. After the party the bride and the groome can overnight in the decorated room.

Energy & health courses

The main building at Frägsta gives the opportunity to have courses in an energetically very positive environment that stimulates the body and the mind in a positive way.